Frankie’s art is musical comfort food – some flavour of Ben & Jerry’s, probably cookie dough to be weirdly specific. The duvet instrumentals, the Juno-esque, girl-next-door, nonchalant blah; it’s as if you’re sat next to her watching a mid-90s sitcom, wait no, Juno. It’s that amiable in tone alone. Even when she’s murdering the scorpion metaphor for, presumably, an ill-fated relationship, as she partly sings here on ‘Jesse’.

Though love kerfuffle is not a focus. The song is more concerned with broader maturity. “I created a scorpion / Then had to kill it / Just like I loved you / And I had to will it / To end / ‘Cause I bent the rules and i’m scary.” The scorpion’s dead, Frankie did the killing, and as far as insects/arachnids go, well we’re talking about one of the scariest, for sure.

It’s tough. It’s not easy making those tough choices, bending apparent rules: arriving at ugly endings, killing the scorpions. But Frankie shows mature, realist grace. “Oh to be / A little scared of me.” The world’s a little scary, so Frankie’s a little scary to put up with it.

There’s a third album following: Her Sub Pop debut, Vessel, out March 30th. Stay tuned.