Martin Courtney and his now somewhat-jostled quintet craft dreamy tunes, seemingly effortlessly. Grab that tried and tested formula, give it a squeeze, turn up the keyboard volume a tad, and blam: new Real Estate. This is, however, not such a dire reality; they’re brilliant musicians, and they’re clearly comfortable aesthetically, so why push for total reinvention? Glimpsing back, the melodies on past LPs such as Atlas or Days have felt easily whimsical, never failing to evoke the image of a sweltering summer trip to that trendy young uncle’s house by the coast. But with ‘Darling’, the janglesome fivesome shake around – they hint towards a slightly more awkward quality. Perhaps it has something to do with guitarist Mondanile’s leave. Maybe. Anyhow it’s here where we see the band starting to splash a bit more texture to the typical arrangements, with an impression that they might be meandering – very cautiously albeit – off from their typical direction. In Mind, the upcoming LP, could then prove more a road trip than a beach or pool-party type escapade – let’s go ahead and speculate. As for ‘Darling’ though, there’s the usual sunshine kissed warmth manifested in plucking guitar chirps, no doubt Real Estate’s signature. A great track.