‘Reflections on the Screen’ is a floaty ballad mashed together with reverb and synths galore to create a sound Superorganism fans have become accustomed to over the last year. With Orono Noguchi giving a delicate performance, chiming in with the bass and wavy, single-stroke guitar chords, the song opens calmly. This is short lived as more and more sounds and instruments gradually creep in and out, almost as if the song can’t make up its mind as to how it wants to sound.

‘Reflections on the Screen’ is an enjoyable enough song, but not one of Superorganism’s best. The band’s sound was a major reason for their rise in 2017, however this tune just feels more overproduced than it needed to be. It will probably not be many people’s favourite Superorganism song but it’s a good enough track to create more intrigue into what is already a highly anticipated album release.