The common tie-in between each Tune-Yards output is their freakish showmanship. Project mastermind Merrill Garbus grew up on theatre and weirdness, so it comes as no surprise, really, that the music video could pass for some sort of modern Rocky Horror spin-off. High-key, strange, eldritch, kookily choreographed too; ‘Heart Attack’, both as track and video, spasms as an ode to freaking out, and dropping dead.

The track opens a tad unsuspectingly. There are these dusty, grainy chords, which the duo might well have just bought in one of those slightly too obnoxious haggles, at Thom Yorke’s car-boot sale. It’s an odd way to kick-start, given we’re soaking in the album’s opener here. But anyhow, the track quickly stitches together. What comes as a rhythm section are almost-robotic syncopated clanks: a far cry from their usual worldbeat flavouring.

So ‘Heart Attack’ comes as mechanic, though the urgency of Garbus’ voice grounds things organic – a bit like the terminator developing feelings for the kid in Terminator 2. Only some bizzare equivalent, musically.

Tune-Yards’ fourth LP, I can feel you creep into my private life, lands tomorrow, 19th January, on 4AD. Stay tuned.